Taking your vehicle to the limits

Transform your everyday drive into the ultimate 4wd adventure and go beyond your 4WD’s limits!

High Speed Electric Winches

The 9,500lb runs at 19.5 metres per minute. On the winch scene this is fast! 

IP68 Rated Waterproof

Fully sealed means no loss of power between the winch and controls to give you the winch speed you need.

Explore more.
Experience more.
Drive more.


The KING ONE winch is the necessary addition to your 4WD, capable of transforming your everyday leisurely drive, into the ultimate adventure to go beyond your 4WD’s limits in the tough Australian terrain.

Feel safe and secure while pushing the limits, knowing the KING ONE winch is an excellent recovery tool for the stickiest of situations.

Exploring endless possibilities is what this product enables any driver to achieve. Feel confident and in control knowing this superior winch is there when you need it most. Explore and discover more places you never thought possible. Drive further, for longer and experience the thrill and challenges a 4WD adventure has to offer.

The KING ONE winch instils confidence in a driver to take that next step in adventure. Elusive and difficult 4WD terrain stopping you from adventure is a thing of the past when you know you have the muscle and pulling power of this quality winch.

Go beyond your 4WD’s limits.


  • The quality design of the KING ONE winch has years of proven reliability.
  • Winning the 4WD Action Winch Comparo (Issue 159), this is one of the best winches of its class. The KING ONE TDS series has been designed for easy maintenance and use to suit novice 4WD activities, through to the extreme off-roader.
  • Built to withstand punishment and exploration, this reliable winch radiates class and ease of operation. Once mounted on your vehicle, the KING ONE winch epitomises superiority and class.
  • On the whole, a quality product and excellent recovery tool you can rely on to get you out of trouble when you need it.
  • Perfect for the tough Australian terrain types; rocks, sand and mud!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We are so comfortable with the quality of the KING ONE TDS series winches we back them with a Limited Lifetime Mechanical Warranty*.



Waterproof Motors

Fully Sealed

Braking Heat

King One Winch

High speed

THE HIGH- SPEED KING ONE WINCHES ARE FAST! The 9,500lb runs at 19.5 metres per minute. On the winch scene this is fast! Compared to the opposition, the speed ranges from 6 to 10.8 meters per minute for 9,5000lb while the increased torque of 12,000lb maintains a strong 9MPM. This is an awesome difference, that completely changes the recovery time. The quicker you are recovered, the quicker you are out of danger. This increased line speed is a big bonus when winching & driving. There’s considerably less chance of driving over the rope as its retrieved quicker keeping up with the vehicle as it gets traction.

Rotating Ring Gear

Automatic breaking

Tie Bar Height